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Analyst Candidate Program

Rigorous and requiring hours of commitment, graduates of the program require advanced familiarity in working with financial statements, an ability to concisely state and support investment theses, and curiosity to expand your skills as an investor.
If admitted, you will be expected to complete all required readings, submit weekly reports when assigned, and complete any additional tasks relevant to the program. Your completion of the program depends on the quality of the reports that you will be evaluated on.

Please reach out to us via email if you have any further questions. The application can be found below.

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Your pathway to becoming an effective business operator & executive.

A cross-functional position, the internship provides you experience in each of the different portfolios lead by the executive team. Interns will have access to a library of resources, direct mentorship, and automatic enrollment into the Analyst Program. As our organization aims to replicate the culture and efficiency of Berkshire Hathaway, decentralization and meritocracy are critical to the success of Rational Capital. We are seeking diligent candidates with a mind for critical thinking. The experience aims to provide critical skills and a mindset necessary to become an efficient operator. 


Your gate to becoming a Fund Analyst.

Meeting weekly starting in November on a weekday evenings, pave the way to becoming an intelligent investor through rigorous case studies, hours of reading and research, and guided learning towards writing concise and well-thought out reports. Similar to a course, this case-study intensive program is structured to enable you to think and analyze companies effectively. Successful completion and "Analyst" designation is contingent upon full attendance, complete reports, and quality performance. 

High performers may be invited back to be our Fund Analysts, or connected to other opportunities.


As part of the Research Team.

This component of the organization fully manages the real portfolio of private capital at Rational. Lead by the President and Vice-President of Research, Fund Analysts report back weekly in discussing investment ideas supported with valid research and evidence. Reports will have a direct impact on buying and selling decisions within the organization for the fund.


Get real hands-on investment experience. 

High performing members of the Analyst Program will have the opportunity to be assigned to a Fund Analyst for hands-on experience managing Rational's portfolio. The mentorship program is designed to give analyst candidates insight into the work of a Fund Analyst and real portfolio management experience. You will assist the Fund Analyst in their research and investment reports. The mentorship program prepares the highest performers to become full Fund Analyst.