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Investment Analyst

Your fast-track into professional investing

Investment Analysts manage RCIF's portfolio of private capital. Led by the President and Vice-President, the Investment team meets weekly to discuss investment ideas supported by strong fundamental research. Investment Analysts have a direct impact on portfolio decisions and asset allocation for the fund.


Your pathway to becoming an effective business operator & executive.

RCIF interns have access to a library of resources, direct mentorship, and automatic enrollment into the Analyst Program. As our organization aims to replicate the culture and efficiency of Berkshire Hathaway, decentralization and meritocracy are critical to the success of Rational Capital. RCIF seeks diligent candidates with a mind for critical thinking. The experience aims to provide critical skills and a mindset necessary to become an efficient operator. 

Mentorship Program

Get real hands-on investment experience. 

High-performing members of the Analyst Program will have the opportunity to be assigned to an Investment Analyst for hands-on experience conducting research alongside the research team. The mentorship program is designed to give Analyst Candidates insight into the work of an Investment Analyst and real portfolio management experience. You will assist the Investment Analyst in their research and investment reports. The mentorship program prepares the highest performers to become Investment Analysts.

Summer Program

Get a head-start in your investing journey. 

Introduced in the summer of 2017, this is a highly intensive program aimed at replicating the experience of a hedge-fund analyst - candidates are expected to conduct thorough research. All participants attend weekly discussions to share investment ideas and newly acquired knowledge. Independent research and learning through osmosis are cornerstones of excelling in this program. The mentorship program is facilitated by the President and Vice-President.

Analyst Candidate Program

Your path to becoming an Investment Analyst.

Rigorous and requiring hours of commitment, the Analyst Candidate Program reinforces and deepens the knowledge gained in the Fundamentals Program through weekly cases and investment write-ups. Graduates of the ACP will be comfortable working in a buy-side role or internship and will be familiar with a vast range of investment scenarios and essential skills. 


The Analyst Candidate Program runs from October to April and consists of weekly cases and readings, exclusive speaker events, and required investment reports.​ A combination of case studies, research, and writing pave the way for students to become intelligent investors. With guided learning toward writing concise and well-thought-out investment reports, the Analyst Candidate Program prepares students for roles in investment research and management.
Admitted students are required to complete all required readings, assignments, and investment reports, as well as attend all weekly sessions, speaker events, and internal stock pitch.

High performers may be invited back to join our investment team, or connected to other opportunities.​

Fundamentals Program

Your foray into the world of investing

The Fundamentals Program is designed to introduce students to investing and asset management. The program is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in the buy side to learn the basics and quickly ramp up to advanced concepts, investment due diligence, and valuations.


The program is intended for first-year students to prepare them for our more advanced ACP program but is open to all interested students. The program does not require any previous knowledge about finance or investing at all and is designed to accommodate students from all majors.

Graduates of the program receive familiarity in working with financial statements, and an ability to concisely state and support investment theses. The program is run through weekly sessions with both lectures and cases to support the student's learning experience.

Admitted students are required to complete all required readings and assignments, as well as attend all weekly sessions and speaker events.



Rational has several different paths for interested students to develop their knowledge and skills in investment management. 

Rational gives students hands-on experience in investment research through the Investment Analyst position and Mentorship program.

Students can also attend our educational programs listed below to gain a solid foundation in finance and investing.

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