Analyst Candidate Program

Weekly sessions hosted on a weekday evening for students who wish to familiarize themselves with financial statements and investment analysis. The Analyst Candidate Program runs from October to April.

It is encouraged for students to complete the Pre-Analyst Program prior to applying to the Analyst Candidate Program. Those interested in the research analyst positions for the fund are also strongly recommended to complete this program.

Details of the application will be released in September. The application will be available in the Applications tab.

Open to general members only.

General Membership

General members have access to RCIF's speaker events throughout the year, eligibility for the Analyst Candidate Program and the Pre-Analyst Program, and access to RCIF's library of resources.

General membership can be purchased in the Membership tab.

Fund Analyst

RCIF Fund Analysts manage RCIF's private fund on behalf of investors. Alongside our President and VP Research, they are responsible for conducting in-depth research and discussing investment ideas during weekly meetings.  Those who are offered a position on the team will have the opportunity to improve their investment skills with a group of like-minded passionate students, and leverage RCIF's extensive alumni network who have experience ranging from Buy-side roles, to consultancy and running their own fund

Fund Analysts are accepted on a rolling basis and require very strong analytical skills, comfort with financial statement analysis, and a passion for value investing.

Contact the research team via rational.capital@studentorg.utoronto.ca to learn more.

More opportunities are available on the Opportunities Tab




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About Us

Inspired by Berkshire Hathaway's culture and structure, RCIF believes in performance through independent thinking, decentralization, and meritocracy.

Rational Capital Investment Fund is the premier buy-side investment group at the University of Toronto overseeing the end-to-end management of a portfolio of private capital for investors. The Fund is a fundamentals-inclined investment partnership, and our alumni are present at many major buy-side institutions in Canada – most directly out of undergrad. With a strong focus on learning, RCIF offers educational programs to students providing a comprehensive foundation in topics from in-depth fundamental research to advanced modelling. RCIF was established in 2007 with the vision of enabling university students with a passion for investing to gain practical experiences in investment research and portfolio management.