Inspired by Berkshire Hathaway's culture and structure, RCIF believes in performance through independent thinking , decentralization and meritocracy.

Established in 2007, Rational Capital Investment Fund (RCIF) is the oldest student-run value investing club at The University of Toronto. The Fund manages a real portfolio from private investors on for educational purposes and offers its members hands-on experience in all aspects of the portfolio management process. It was established with the vision of enabling university students with a passion for investing to gain practical experiences in analyzing capital markets.

We are unique in both our deep and focused interest in preserving value investing, and in our ability to offer students the experience of managing real investors' capital.


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Our Pre-Analyst Program runs for 6 sessions per semester, and is designed to introduce our members to the foundations of value investing. This program is highly encouraged for students who wish to apply to the Analyst Program. 

Topics will include: introduction to value investing, accounting, corporate finance, valuation, management analysis, and research & report writing

Open to registered members only.


Weekly sessions hosted on a weekday evening for those who have advanced familiarity in working with financial statements and investment analysts, the Analyst Candidate Program runs for the whole year starting in October.

Details of our applications will be released in early October - the application will be available only to members in the "Opportunities" tab. It is strongly encouraged for students to go through the Pre-Analyst Program. Those interested in the research analyst positions for the fund are also strongly recommended to complete this program.

Open to registered members only.


Introduced in the summer of 2017, this is a highly intensive program aimed at replicating the experience of a hedge-fund analyst - candidates are expected to conduct thorough research. All participants attend weekly discussions to share investment ideas and newly-acquired knowledge. Independent research and learning through osmosis are cornerstones of excelling in this program. The mentorship program is facilitated by the President and VP Research.


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