Stock Pitch

Your path to becoming a Fund Analyst.

Rigorous and requiring hours of commitment, graduates of the program receive familiarity in working with financial statements, and an ability to concisely state and support investment theses. The Analyst Candidate Program runs from October to April and consists of a weekly seminar, readings, exclusive speaker events, and required investment reports.​

A combination of case studies, research, theory, and writings paves the way for students to become intelligent investors. With guided learning towards writing concise and well thought out investment reports, the Analyst Candidate Program prepares students for roles in investment research and management.
Admitted students are required to complete all required readings, homework, two investment reports, as well as attend all weekly sessions, speaker events, and annual stock pitch.

High performers may be invited back to be our Fund Analysts, or connected to other opportunities.​

Value Investing Forum

Your foray into the world of investing

The Pre-Analyst Program runs at the beginning of semester and is designed to introduce students to the foundations of value investing. This program is highly encouraged for students who wish to apply to the Analyst Candidate Program. 

Topics will include: introduction to value investing, accounting, corporate finance, valuation, management analysis, and research & report writing

Please check our social media for updates on each semester's session


RCIF has several events which take place throughout the year

Speaker Series

Your fast-track into professional investing

The Fund Analysts manage the real portfolio of private capital at RCIF. Lead by the President and Vice-President of Research, Fund Analysts report back weekly in discussing investment ideas supported with valid research and evidence. Fund Analysts have a direct impact on portfolio decisions and asset allocation for the fund.

Pub Nights

Your pathway to becoming an effective business operator & executive.

RCIF interns have access to a library of resources, direct mentorship, and automatic enrollment into the Analyst Program. As our organization aims to replicate the culture and efficiency of Berkshire Hathaway, decentralization and meritocracy are critical to the success of Rational Capital. RCIF seeks diligent candidates with a mind for critical thinking. The experience aims to provide critical skills and a mindset necessary to become an efficient operator.