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About Us

Inspired by Berkshire Hathaway's culture and structure, RCIF believes in performance through independent thinking, decentralization, and meritocracy.

Rational Capital Investment Fund is the premier buy-side investment group at the University of Toronto overseeing a portfolio of private capital. The Fund is a fundamentals-inclined investment partnership, and our alumni are present at many major buy-side institutions in Canada – most directly out of undergrad.

Rational Capital is unique in our end-to-end management of the investment portfolio we hold for private investors. We are grateful for the trust and confidence they have placed in us through their capital, and our commitment to them and the stewardship of their capital is at the very core of RCIF's identity.

We're business owners, and every company we put our investors’ money in is a business we would be happy to own and operate indefinitely. Our long-term perspective allows us to succeed in an otherwise shortsighted industry.

RCIF operates independently, and no faculty has any influence or insight into our investment philosophy and portfolio. We value this independence, which allows us to keep our administrative tasks at a minimum and focus our undivided attention on the returns of our investors.

Our educational programs provide students with a comprehensive foundation in the skills required to succeed in the buy-side, ranging from in-depth fundamental research to advanced modelling.


RCIF was established in 2007 with the objective of enabling university students with a passion for investing to gain practical experience in investment management. Students committed to a future in the buy-side will find that Rational provides unrivaled hands-on experience in investment research and portfolio management - during undergrad - along with unique access to some of the top investment firms in Canada.

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